<<em>strong>Is smooth, young-looking skin truly the ultimate in fashion? This year’s New York Fashion Week wasn’t just the scene for cutting-edge new styles, designers, and celebrities… it also set the stage for a frenzy of excitement over a new skin formulation called GlyTerra(TM)-gL. GlyTerra is a revolutionary, two-part “anti-aging” system (a 2% day cream and 4% concentrated night cream) that combats the OTHER cause of wrinkles… sugar (betcha didn’t know that sugar causes wrinkles). How did a skin cream become such a hot topic at one of the world’s most prestigious fashion events? Apparently Fashion Week attendees believe vibrant, radiant-looking skin is still the sexiest fashion accessory of all.

So why are so many of these beauty experts calling GlyTerra-gL “The most significant breakthrough in skin care since the discovery of retinol!”? Because not only does GlyTerra reduce the appearance of existing fine lines, deep wrinkles and crow’s feet… visibly improve the appearance of age

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